Mattias trip to Cambodia

Mattias trip to Cambodia


My name is Mattias Karlsson an I’m a 36 year old IT consultant working at CIBER in Stockholm Sweden. I'm taking 2 weeks off to work as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, building houses in Siem Reap Cambodia alongside people who need a decent, affordable place to live.

This blog will serve these purposes: 1) To keep my friends, family and colleagues informed as to the progress 2) To serve as a conduit for fundraising for all those who wish to help me change someones life.

Read on to learn more about my trip, Habitat's work and how you can help. Subscribe to my email list to recieve progress reports.

Thanks for your support. /Mattias

Report from day 7

WorkingPosted by Mattias Karlsson Nov 04, 2008 12:11
Tuesday and the two hour bus to the build site and two more home again is getting harder and harder. We leave the hotel 07:00 and we are back again around 18.00. There is a wedding on the way and it is a contrast to the poverty we see around here. Before lunch I where at the second toilet build that just started. But we where too many people there and after lunch I went to the nearby original build. There did we finished the house today. All walls and the flooring is done. The house is still missing a stair, but the homeowner couldn't afford it right now. One of the pictures shows the carpenter and is son.

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Posted by Syster Nov 04, 2008 14:42

Ser ut att ha det bra och trivas och fått nya vänner. Du fotar mycket barn det e kul men förstår att du saknar dina egna. Här hemma är det kallt och blöt med några dar med minus grader. Måste vara en fantastisk resa med massa intryck som man aldrig skulle få uppleva annars. Kram syster med familj