Mattias trip to Cambodia

Mattias trip to Cambodia


My name is Mattias Karlsson an I’m a 36 year old IT consultant working at CIBER in Stockholm Sweden. I'm taking 2 weeks off to work as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, building houses in Siem Reap Cambodia alongside people who need a decent, affordable place to live.

This blog will serve these purposes: 1) To keep my friends, family and colleagues informed as to the progress 2) To serve as a conduit for fundraising for all those who wish to help me change someones life.

Read on to learn more about my trip, Habitat's work and how you can help. Subscribe to my email list to recieve progress reports.

Thanks for your support. /Mattias

Departure time

ProgressPosted by Mattias Karlsson Oct 24, 2008 14:40
Hi friends,

It´s only hours before I leave Stockholm and begin the long flight to Asia and Cambodia.
It has been a busy week buying a lots of tools to bring to the build site and a very late start of packing. It is a heavy package to carry and hopefully the airport personnel accepts the extra weight. On the other hand, the tools will stay with Habitat an local workers and I will travel light on my way home.

I am very excited doing this and are very thankful for your help and support. and will start updating the blog on the plane to Copenhagen.

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